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Cat Safety Boots & Shoes For Men & Women

Cat® made their name with industrial equipment from all the way back in 1925 producing predominantly tractors. Cat® have transposed the design principles of their rugged & strong machines, onto their safety boots. Cat® have built their brand on values which consumers appreciate like quality materials, strength, durability and reliability. With their classic steel toe boots, Cat® stamped the industry with their comfortable work-wear technology that became much-loved by industrial workers.

STB stocks a full range of Cat® safety footwear that satisfied safety ratings ranging from SB to S3. The range features technology to protect feet to the maximum potential with heat and slip resistant soles to ensure additional protection. The classic and most popular style is their Holton safety boots. The S3 rating signifies a steel toe and midsole with maximum slip resistant sole and water resistant upper. 

Alternatively, Cat® safety trainers are a good lightweight alternative. The Moor is great for multi work purposes with a simple SB safety rating with a strong, protective steel toe. The upper is fully heat resistant to up to 300°C for safety in environments exposed to fire. The cushioned insole ensures a luxury walking experience keeping you in extreme comfort, no matter how long your shift at work is. 

Cat® also do an exclusive range of ladies’ safety footwear, too. For a safety boot, the MAE is great with an S3 safety rating and heat resistant upper of up to 300°c. Full ankle protection and steel toe for toe protection and antistatic for shock resistance whilst the SRC slip resistant sole keeps you steady on your feet whatever the surface. 

Cat® have also launched an exceptionally excellent clothing range from eye-wear, hats, gloves, socks and jumpers. The range comes under Cat Lifestyle for a mix of safety workwear and leisure wear.

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