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Dunlop Safety Footwear For Men & Women

Dunlop is one of our top-sellers because they specialise in safety wellington boots, which has culminated in their long line of top-quality products fitted with non-slip, waterproof, & steel toe technologies that make their boots suitable for heavy-duty work in any weather & on any terrain.


Best known for their tyres and sports equipment, Dunlop has a strong reputation for reliable and sturdy products, they have provided quality equipment like tennis rackets & footwear to 60% of the Wimbledon Championship players in the 1960s. After winning the Queen's award for technological achievement in 1985, the brand continued to grow and expand into different areas of manufacturing, like safety boots -- a department in which it has successfully maintained the esteemed Dunlop reputation.

Whether it's men's or women's you're looking for, we stock a range of sizes from a size UK 3 to UK 14s. We have chosen a range of safety wellingtons from a simple & basic SB safety rating all the way to a more protective & strengthened S5.

For a wellington boot to cover all situations, the Dunlop SHEPHERD will more than suffice, coming with a 200J steel toe cap, a fuel & oil resistant sole, and water & static resistance. The sole is designed with a deep tread pattern to ensure optimum grip in deep snow & mud. With Dunlop, there’s no need to be limited to one model, since STB stocks plenty of other styles like the Dunlop BUDGETMASTER, PUROFORT RIG AIR, EXPLORER, ACIFORT, & DEVON – to name just a handful.