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Dr Martens Safety Boots & Shoes For Men & Women

Dr. Martens has been a brand at the tip of the working man’s tongue, thanks to its revolutionary introduction of the ‘bouncing sole’, uniquely filled with air to more effectively cushion the foot. When welted to a premium-quality upper, it is hard not to love a Dr. Martens boot because the initial investment for a pair pays dividends over many years – even decades – of value you get from them.

In hindsight, the technology behind each Dr. Martens boot was well-ahead of its time since it has endured a century’s worth of advancements in this field, still holding its rightful place at the top when it comes to sheer functionality, durability, and comfort. 

With items like the Dr. Martens ICON 2228 unisex dealer safety boots, utility is paramount. The ICON 2228 is built in an attractive dealer boot silhouette, and features a robust 200J steel toe cap, and SRA non-slip sole, and an industrial corrected-grain leather upper to protect both yourself and the shoe from hazardous damage.

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Nothing compares to a great pair of Dr Martens boots. The ICON 7B10 SSF 7-EYE brings the classic Doc style into the safety world. Their safety and occupational ranges also features lace-ups, Chelsea boots and rigger boots, so you'll be sure to find a pair perfect for you.

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If you're looking for a secure and comfortable pair of safety shoes, Dr Martens is a great choice. The KEADBY is a lightweight uniform shoe perfect for formal environments, and the 2216 PW is a great low profile derby shoe with a thick Goodyear-welted sole.